Led by the University of Utah, School of Architecture and Brigham Young University, Construction Management, an adhoc committee of AECO participants was assembled in the Fall of 2010 to ask the question, “What is the productivity and profitability of Building Information Modeling?”.  The explicit goal of the group is to initiate Integrated Project Delivery as an ideal in contracts and building delivery among AECO teams and promote Building Information Modeling as a work flow strategy and tactic to realize more integrated delivery processes in building delivery.  In order to realize these goals, a three-phase strategy was devised:

  1. 1.WHITE PAPER:  Develop a white paper that outlines the changes in the industry toward integration and BIM to be distributed to the AECO in Utah.  The intention of this document is to support the AECO in understanding the purpose of this strategy and forthcoming survey and workshop. BIM in the Utah AECO White Paper.pdf

  1. 2.SURVEY:  Develop a survey to quantify the productivity and profitability of BIM identifying its current uses, opportunities and challenges in the Utah market.  Conduct the survey via the web and disseminate the results through a public forum and publication. BIM in the Utah AECO Survey Results.pdf

  1. 3.WORKSHOP:  Host a Utah AECO industryworkshop scheduled for all day Friday, January 21st at the University of Utah, School of Architecture Bailey Gallery.  At this forum, the results of the survey will be disseminated and participants will work in groups to identify additional barriers and solutions to the adoption and proliferation of BIM and IPD processes. Photos of Workshop Below

Keynote Address:  Stephen Hagan, FAIA and General Services Administration - Presentation HERE.

Steering Committee:  University of Utah School of Architecture; University of Utah College of Engineering; BYU Construction Management; BYU Facilities; University of Utah Facilities; LDS Church Facilities; Architectural Nexus; Scheer and Scheer Architecture; Reaveley Engineers; Van Borem Mechanical; Jacobsen Construction; Layton Construction; Okland Construction; Big D Construction


BIM in the Utah AECO            

Utah Campus, SLC 01.21.2011