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3form consulting research - BIPV and exteriors

Solar shading retrofits

Green housing rating system comparison

Energy Modeling comparison

Lifecycle Accounting

Snow Creek - energy performance assessment for cold climate

SURGE - temporary institutional and corporate space

Manufacturing Emergence :: customer centric automation

BIM and Integrated Practice

Leadership in Collaborative Architectural Practice

Solid Timber Building Performance



Permanent Modular Construction: Best Practices

Live Project: Solid Timber Girl Scout Cabins

Solid Timber Market Feasibility

Post-tensioned Wood

Modular Manufacturing


Prefab Micro-Housing

Post-Occupancy Evaluation

EcoSteel Thermal Envelope Assessment

International KM in Offsite Construction

Solid Timber Optimization: Moisture Content

Solid Timber Optimization: Interoperability

Off-Site Implementation Guide

Business Strategies in Off-site

Oldcastle Building Envelope Lab (OBEL)

DIRTT Residential

Saltire Foundation

Timber Volume Study

Value Proposition of Panelization

Built Environment Exchange

Offsite Architecture Book

H3 Wall

5 in 5 Research Initiative