During the past two years, Edinburgh Napier University, Centre for Offsite Construction + Innovative Structures (COCIS), through an EPSRC grant, has developed a streamlined calculation process allowing structural engineers to undertake racking calculations for open and closed panel wall systems in line with Eurocode 5. Theoretical analysis has been reviewed in combination with results from a series of test programs and the input from practicing architects and Engineers. The result is an integrated approach to racking design which takes into account the effect of soleplate and holding down details on racking performance and allows engineers to specify for these with the CSC TEDDS software platform.

Come learn of the results from this research and industry partnerships to apply to your own practice. The seminar will cover:

  1. Theory closed panel construction

  2. Testing method and results

  3. New hybrid racking calculation

  4. Innovative connections / detailing for closed panel structural performance

  5. Integration of Eurocode 5 calculations into CSC Tedds

  6. Optimized design method using CSC Tedds

  7. Best practice built examples and manufacture methods

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DATE:                    Monday - 12 August, 2013

LOCATION:           Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh Napier University