Solid Timber Construction:

process practice performance

This report evaluate STC design and delivery processes and the respective cost and schedule performance. The method used for this evaluation is a quantitative survey analysis and qualitative case study interpolation of project parameters and stakeholder feedback through site visits and interviews. The study reveals cost and schedule data in comparison to traditional stick site built construction.  Contingent qualitative environmental, organizational and technological contextual factors by which STC in building design and construction may be realized are reported.

Download report below:

(STC PPP V1.1.pdf)

Sponsors:      American Institute of Architects

                          USDA Forest Service


        Advisory Committee:

        Brad Douglas, American Wood Council

        BJ Yeh, APA Engineered Wood Association

        Cees de Jager, Binational Softwood Lumber Council

        John “Rusty” Dramm and David Kretschmann, USDA Forest Products Laboratory

        Lisa Podesto, Woodworks USA

        Mohammad Mohammad, FPInnovations

        National Institute of Building Sciences, Off-site Construction Council Board of Directors

        Robert Hairstans, David Crawford, Centre for Off-site Construction + Innovative Structures, Edinburgh Napier University

        Werner Hofstätter, formerly with Woodworks Canada